The artificial 100%

The world works. And it goes on, every day.

We want to achieve our plans; we want to get to 100% of that goal. So we use tools and learn tricks and tactics. We spend a lot of energy fine-tuning our strategy to get to 100%. But this strategy made of tools and tricks is artificial : we made it up. We gathered a few assets and made them stick together to create our own desired reality, regardless of the broader, universal reality that existed at that time.

This artificiality makes our plan out of sync with reality, and it can cause it to not work, to be perceived the wrong way, to harm people and relationships along the way.

Instead of the plan, we can choose to see how the world works, and to follow the flow. People who are offering great work with generosity and selling some of it always seem to make a living. People trying to conquer the market, trying to convince prospects that their work is a necessity, rarely seem to be able to focus on the work rather than the selling.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to reach that exact 100% goal. Because 100% is a special case : it almost never happens in nature. If you open and close the tap randomly, the water never perfectly fills the glass. We never do exactly what we had planned in a day : that’s why we can enjoy slack and that’s why we can run.

We can’t predict where it is going to take us, but we can offer our great work, without expecting anything in return. Instead of striving to reach 100%, we can start and accept where it takes us. It might be 50%. It might be 200%. It’s up to us then to do the right thing with it.

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