That is a word I can’t quite comprehend. I see it in sentences like the following.

Today is a special day. Let’s celebrate !’

‘If you don’t celebrate small wins, you will never be satisfied by big achievements.

I can’t quite make myself celebrate anything in that sense. There is a clear disconnection between the thing that brought me joy, and the act of acting happy about it. It is too intentional to feel natural. If something great happens to me, I might derive happiness from it, but pausing for a moment, using my mind to plan some sort of celebration ritual, and then enjoying it feels way too disconnected from the source of the joy.

What I like to do, however, is celebrating nothing. It’s doing the rituals of celebrating (a dance, a silly action, a gathering, …), for no reason at all. Simply for the fuck of it, for the joy that the ritual itself offers me. That way, the joy becomes directly derived from the experience of the celebration. So, for no reason, not because it’s my birthday, not because I scored 10 points, not because they said ‘Yes’, I like to do a little ritual, once in a while. Something silly enough to bring me joy. This could be bringing unnecessary complexity to a mundane task, and putting all my heart into doing it well, following some obscure flow of action that seizes me for a couple of seconds, or listening to a stupid song that and loving it with all the seriousness I am capable of.

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