Consciousness is a mystery

We can all feel it, there is no doubt it exists, and yet, no one is able to locate it : not the neuroscientists, not the meditation practitioners. We don’t know how it works, where it resides, what biological phenomenons make it work, what it is made of, if it is embedded in us or if it goes on after we die, and yet, we rely on it every second.

I find it healthy that it is bigger than us : we live every day with this thing we do not comprehend. That is a humbling thought, but also a positive one : it forces us to stay open to the unknown, to be aware that we don’t have all the answers.

One could even treat that mysterious consciousness as a deity : it allows for everything we think and do, and yet, we do not understand it or control it. Just like with a god, it will work best if we surrender to it.

I believe that unfathomable consciousness is at the core of what we are as an individual. The longer we stay with it, the more it helps us being ourselves, and the better we operate. If we are rushed, unaware, executing task after task on autopilot, we are not in a sustainable state. If, on the other hand, we meditate, we are bringing ourselves in contact with consciousness. We let it cover everything that is happening in our mind and body. In that state, we are truly present, and amazing change happens.

The deeper we go in our practice, the more of our subconscious mind we let consciousness into, the more profound these changes are.

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