We tend to misanalyze control. We are naturally very bad at observing how much or how little control we have over a specific matter.

Things we have little control over

External events, good/bad news, about anything that can make or break a project, … We have no power over whether or not that business partner is going to say yes, the things that seem to randomly happen to us, the approval of the proposal we sent yesterday.

Things we do have control over

We can actually control a lot more than we think. Most diseases come from some sort of imbalance. Motivation is ours too. Any imbalance we experience, we can tackle it. Whether it is some dark thoughts, fear, lack of physical exercise, … There is something we can do about it, and more importantly, only us can do something about it.

The Vipassana meditation teaching is about paying very deep attention to our most subtle sensations. The idea is that there are laws that rule the universe (like the laws of science). These laws rule everything; living beings, inanimate object, the air around us, … We can’t possibly know what happens inside an inanimate object, so we can’t use it to study these laws. The only place we can experience these laws in action is our own body. Once we have experienced the laws, we can understand that they apply to everything. But we have to experience them in our own body first.

So, basically, we are slipping on a steep slop and we can only grab the grips that get close enough to us. Only these small grips we grab can get us to change direction, speed or to save our bottom pants.

We have all the power to change what is within us. The good news is, it means that we have the power to make as much space as we want to welcome these grips when they show up. We can choose to be aware of the grips when they come. We can choose to prepare our hands for when the grips appear.

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