What we see determines how deep our actions are

The amplitude and depth of our actions is determined by what we believe in. More precisely, by the order we see in the various parts of our environment.

A spiritual, enlightened person will see how everything is connected, will feel part of something greater, and will try to spread goodness around her and help other people realize that, because that’s the most impacting things she can do.

A laboratory rat, on the other hand, will see a wheel and food. These are the parts of its environment. When it runs in the wheel, it gets food.

Someone believing in something (a cause, a nation, money, achievement, a mission) will see one sort of order in the parts of his environment. And if that person puts all her intensity in her actions, this perceived order will be the limiting factor of the depth of her actions. If she is driven by a sense of achievement, she will see that achievement brings value to one’s self. That person may be insanely good at collecting achievements, but she will not see other areas of life that might be just as important.

Of course, the visible depth of life is enough for each of us.

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