Holding the disruption

Conducting a flow as is demands no strength. When facing a displeasing sight, one might feel a feeling of disagreement. And so, it is easy to simply conduct it outward, saying : ‘Ugh, it’s unbelievable, this should not be !’. Then, our inputs equal our outputs. Easy for us, negative for others.

What requires more strength of will is to absorb the flux. To go from the incoming displeasing sight to a neutral or positive outcome. Something happened in the process. A disruption between the aversion of the disgusting sight that comes in and the calm, balanced feeling we project. Holding that disruption within is demanding, and each of us can only hold so big a disruption on their own. But isn’t it worth it ?

Another option, is to not hold a measuring tape all day. The disruption exists because something very low is entering, and something higher is getting out. What if we stop measuring an ideal height ? Then, there is no more low and high. There simply is, and all we are to do is be, wherever the situation takes us. Accept what is there without comparing to what would be more desirable, and the disruption disappears. We don’t need to do the split between what we expected and what we are seeing.

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