Out of the dreamy mind

The mind is kept in a state of dream, which prevents it from seeing what exists outside of that dream, outside of itself. When we identify with the mind, we follow it as it leads us in circles upon circles, without ever taking our eyes off the rollercoaster path.

This identification becomes a habit in our lives, as we train to think more, as we follow our primitive reactions of craving and aversion. And, over time, the habit becomes incredibly strong, so strong that stepping out of it feels awkward, volatile and unpromising.

A way to get out of the dream is to open up to our perceptions. To direct the mind to be aware of what happens, from the root level. Not just the end reaction we have to making a step (an aversion to effort), but to the whole business of taking that step. Every muscle, every tendon, in the thigh, the calf, the toes, the abs, … For it to come out of the dream it has built, the mind needs turn its eyes back onto itself. To observe the whole realm of what is, so that it will be able to answer the question : ‘Is that all there is ?’. And each time we realize there was a lot more to a step than what the dream had us believe, we see a little more of the strings holding the dream.

When Descartes turned his mind onto itself to explore reason, the very fact that he chose to use thinking for his exploration condemned him to remain within the limits of the mind. Thinking is an intrinsic property of the mind, and that tool only works within the mind.

What we ought to do to get out of the boundaries of the mind is to use awareness, perceptions, feelings. With those tools, just as Descartes did, we need to turn our attention onto ourselves, and to explore. How can we ever get out of the dream, if our mind filters and hides information from us ? How can we pretend we know ourselves when we are not aware of how a certain feeling made its way to our consciousness ?

The way, then, is a constant awareness of our every feelings, until there is no more secrets kept by the mind.

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