Your next communication campaign, your next business idea, your next event, …

You know you need a lot of skills, preparation, planning, knowledge before taking the leap. If you haven’t planned your posts, it’s going to be a mess and you will lose all momentum. If you don’t know how to create a website, if you aren’t prepared for all the incidents that may occur, launching is a mistake.

Yet, reading about everything you need to know before starting is hiding, and you will never thank yourself for having waited an extra 6 months before taking action.

So I suggest you go, knowing where you are weak. Keep those weak points in mind so that you don’t lean on them. If you’re not trained in social media marketing, design a strategy that will never come close to these. And then just go. When something you don’t know about pops up on your way, literally on your way, learn about it. And handle it.

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