Uncovered physical sensations and identification

I’ve been pondering the idea of uncovered feelings, recently. Undetected or partly detected feelings lead to our egoic mind identifying with them. That’s what causes pain, tension, frustration with the current situation, … If a feeling is observed under plain light, it is identified for what it is : nothing more than a tense muscle, a mere sensation of cold, … We don’t suffer from it anymore.

Let’s take the example of someone who gives us a vague negative feeling : we don’t like that person, but we don’t really know where it comes from. If that person offers us to go get a drink, we will answer with a reluctant or tense intonation (whether we accept or not).

On the other hand, if we dislike that person and we know exactly why, what behaviors, thoughts or looks trigger that reluctance, we will be much more in control of our intonation when we answer them.

In the first case, we haven’t detected the sensations we feel, and we identify with them. So, they govern our intonation without us having much control over it. In the second case, since we have that added perspective of where those sensations come from, we naturally defuse the emotional response to those feelings. It doesn’t really make sense to be angry when we can see the anger inside of us. If we see that there happens to be the bodily sensation of anger going through our head/chest/whatever, then we don’t identify with the anger, it becomes a mechanical process.

Here is a proposition of an associated story point :

The human species is on the verge of transcending the physical body to become ethereal beings. There is a process of transferring an individual’s mind into whatever device/magic/power will sustain this new, airy being. The mind goes from existing inside the skull/brain to flowing into this new container.

One character is unable to plainly see many sensations within her, and she goes through this process. Either she is one of the first to go through that process as a beta-tester, or the whole human species is spiritually evolved as a whole, and that character is less evolved than most. Whatever the reason, her mind identifies with those sensations and cannot freely move to the container ; it remains attached to the anchors in her mind.

Following events up to the reader.

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