Where is nature ?

We live in cities where the only green we see is what we humans have intentionally planted. We are surrounded by cubic buildings, we crushed the ground under square miles of asphalt, for as far as we can see. All there is are constructions : cement, glass, plastic. We are not in nature. We go into nature if we want to. If that’s what we are looking for, we can drive for several miles, get outside of the city, and we get to be into nature.

But back in the city with the asphalt ground. What if we put a tiny seed on the ground, with just a little bit of soil ? It will grow. So, we are also in nature here, after all. The buildings, cement and asphalt don’t override its properties. Nature, then, is present not in the type of ground we are walking on, but in every particle of matter. In the air we breathe, in the things around us, in us. The thing is, we are a part of nature, the particles that make it are everywhere we are.

We never left.

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