Offering other planes of consciousness

Opening new planes of consciousness as a possibility for the people we interact. Being present to this moment, listening with all your senses, seeing both things and past things, realizing that what they are going through is perfect, enough, doesn’t matter, and feeling a full compassion for what they are emotionally going through. Being present while keeping some other door open if they want to pursue the interaction into that other place in continuity with here and now. This is a very generous thing to do. It offers a possibility for the interaction, the conversation, and ultimately, the person, to become deeper, more personal, more just. More of what they are.

We might struggle with this presence. It might not be an easy thing to do. And the moment it is not an easy thing to do, the intention changes. If we approach it as a skill, and we use our technique and focus to keep that door open, then we are not aligned with what we seek to offer. There is a difference between what we are and what we do. We are also unable to hold that door open for people far away from it. Because they often show a great deal of technique (thinking, following procedures, making something, trying, …), and it’s a lot to both work our technique and withstand theirs.

If we are in a place with that door open, without exercising technique, simply being in it, then we can be around all this show of technique. We can accept it, let what we don’t accept slip away, and maintain that door open for whenever they are ready to see it.

By exercising the skill, we make ourselves unable to accept their technique, we only welcome our pre-existent agreements.

What to do, then, when this place doesn’t offer itself to us with ease ? I don’t exactly know. Probably don’t try to push it, stay close to the door, or open it without going through. The place might make itself available to us if we acknowledge its existence but respect its distance. In the meantime, we can connect with the others’ technique in the first plane of consciousness, empathize with them. And, gently, hold onto a tiny piece of that other place, as a light, as a guide. Even if we don’t have the whole room to us.

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