Limiting processes

We are setting up more and more processes and safety nets as a society, that allow us to design a more welcoming world for human beings. The worst-case scenario is no longer a mortal fall from a cliff, but a shoulder pain from bumping into the fence at the edge of the cliff.

We rationalize and quantify every part of nature to make sure it suits our human needs and wants. That leads us to lose a certain part of the experience of reality, of nature. The unknown, that we can’t possibly quantify because it will always come before our comprehension of it, is ruled out.

I’m a bit polarized regarding A.I., as I find that creating a much more accurate artificial map of reality could either help us see a lot of our misinterpretations and become more lucid, or it could entrap us into this map, making us forget what the whole of nature really is.

The thing is, we are already entrapping ourselves without needing any help from the outside. These processes are things like rules at work, social expectations, apps and tools for any desire, pre-baked food, regulations, …

More and more people identify with this safe world and its processes. They no longer see the fall from the cliff as a possibility, and they expect the processes to take care of the harsh parts of reality for them, happy to play only within the reduced ecosystem that was artificially created for them to live in.

By clipping the least desirable 10% of our experience of nature, we also cut the deepest 10% of that same experience. And so, we oscillate within a reduced version of reality. We never reach deep experiences of happiness, interconnectedness, spirituality, self-actualization, because we are never willing to look into the experiences that scare us, make us feel awkward, depressed, or can harm us. The moment we identify with this average reality, it becomes 100% of our field of view.

I am very confident in the ability of human beings to sort themselves out. If we leave someone on their own without safety nets, all these things that weren’t part of the equation in the artificial reality start to come up and are dealt with, because there is no escaping them. That’s why I firmly believe in idle time, time without :

  • constant stimulation of the mind
  • apps
  • messaging
  • services created by others
  • social interactions

Within moments like this, we can naturally see coming up :

  • current unsolved problems
  • emotional issues
  • big life questions
  • traumas
  • senses of spirituality

These things simply need the space to exist. The moment we stop constantly filling our mind with external objects of attention, they arise and are dealt with. Or they aren’t dealt with, and they put a pressing question on the foreground of our mind : How am I going to deal with this ?, which pushes us to find help and tackle the issue.

This artificial reality has also been created for a much longer period of time by other processes like heavy drinking, negative thinking, strong ideologies, … Which lead to the same denial of what the whole experience really has to offer.

It is quite impressive to witness how valuable things come out of standing in the middle of a clearing against all urges to get back to texting, working, watching a series, …

Before there were cities, shops, brands, social networks and video games, life was already amazing and full of breakthroughs. When was the last time you had an amazing insight disconnected from all these modern things ?

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