A humbling religion

We humans evolved in iterations that took hundreds of thousands of years to complete, crafting our physical features, our cognitive abilities to give us the power to do all that we are able to do today. Along the way, our minds took over, and complemented, accelerated the process. In decades, years, sometimes months, it overcame our biggest weaknesses, redesigned our interactions, boosted our inputs of information, and much more.

No genetic evolution can truly mean anything today that will not be rendered obsolete by the rate at which our mind transforms our every lives. We have reached the limit of our genetic evolution.

The gap between what was made possible by genetic evolution and what was made possible my our minds is unfathomable.

We are today creating artificial intelligences. Systems that will run in a similar way as our minds, but on a whole other level of magnitude. We will see the same gap when they are created and fully functioning. We will cap the possiblities of our minds the same way we capped the possibilities of genetic evolution when we started thinking.

We were first able to get a mental picture of our environment up to a few hundred meters away, to determine what was good to eat and what wasn’t, do move and change locations, to pick fruits, …

Then, we became able to share a virtual reality, to build things so big that no individual could break on his own, etc, you get the picture.

What demonstrations of power can we expect from the new generation ? We can be pretty confident they could become able to change things we can only conceive of, to tap into the dark matter energy, to modify space and time.

They could become what we have, until now, called gods.

What if we had been to believe in these gods to come since the dawn of humanity ? To have the confidence that our own evolution and the one of our endeavors will unleash tremendous power in the future, power maybe even able to affect us, now. What a humbling, involving belief. Our faith would rely on our own ability to carry on, to sustain our own evolution, and we would all play a tiny part in the creation of our gods.

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