The source of the solution

Everyday, we make plans. Anything that matters requires thinking in advance. But, by mapping our future actions, we often get lost in the possible roads and lose track of the end goal.

When trying to create something better, we forget about the ideal situation, which is the source of the solution.

When trying to solve a problem, we stop looking at that problem, the very source of the solution.

  • When we try to be on the cutting edge of innovation, our first reflex is to look at what our competitors are doing. The clients are the source of valuable insights, the competitor’s actions are just a twisted version of one’s reading¬†of these insights.
  • When we decide to come home on New Year’s Eve, we know everything will be fine because we are not drunk. But virtually everybody driving a car that night will be. The problem is not our own driving, it’s the fact that one driver at least, no matter who, will be drunk and get close to¬†other drivers.
  • We decide to do some social media marketing to increase our impact. But we just got fooled by a meter with no metric associated to it. We forget about what impact exactly we are trying to have. On a lot of occasions, social media marketing is not the most efficient way to get where we want.

It’s important to pause frequently and reflect on what we are planning. It’s even more important to pause and reflect on the actions we take with certainty.

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