What is worth pursuing ?

What happens if we follow our bliss instead of interesting, unusual, jostling experiences ?

Well, what happens when we follow our bliss ? We get a single, clear thread to pull from, which seamlessly changes into another one, and another one. We gain skills, knowledge and technique along the way. We also transcend the technique to find the deeper meaning, or the deeper why behind the day-to-day technique we are practicing. The thread might end, leaving us without bliss. That experience itself brings very valuable insights, about what we want, what we don’t want, who we are, the possible flaws of our previous source of bliss.

What happens when we seek experiences that get us out of our comfort zone ? We might discover truths about ourselves, we might see what we previously didn’t know we didn’t know. But overall, I would say the changes and insights are scattered across all unpredictable domains. Since we are running so blind, they might also hurt us, if they are not the right ones for us at that time. This approach only seems valuable if we don’t know where our bliss is, and we figure one step in any direction will get us closer than no step at all.

I think, then, that finding and following our bliss is a much more comprehensive approach to growing than running around, trying to find the most unsettling experiences. Even if each of these experiences is deeper and stronger than the ones coming from following bliss, the compounded benefits after having been at this for a while will certainly weigh in favor of following one’s bliss. However insignificant, frivolous and disconnected to any big dreams the beginning of the thread might be, I say pull it !


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