The transcendental object at the end of time

What does the transcendental object at the end of time look like ?

To quickly sum up Terence McKenna’s idea of a transcendental object at the end of time, here it is :

  • Out of matter came chemistry.
  • Out of chemistry came life.
  • Out of life came sentient beings.
  • Out of them came organized society.
  • Out of society came tools.

Each of these steps acted as a platform for the appearance of the next one, and each brought a tremendous disruption to everything that was known at the time. Terence McKenna argues that there is another object waiting to surface, which will be just as powerful as the previous ones. In fact, he even says that life, consciousness, … The whole process was always pulled forward by this emerging object.

So, what is this emerging object ? I think it is something we could name in many ways. Awareness. Unconditioned consciousness. Sense of unity. All life is one. We can see it come up more and more, be more present, have a deeper place than ever before.

So, back to or question : what happens when it comes out ?

We will probably feel a sense of unity, be completely at peace with the relationship of the dying nature of our bodies and the divine nature of our selves, we will recognize ourselves in the eyes of all around us. We are just numerous instances of one life, tainted in different colors. It might bring breakthroughs to our technology, our understanding of science subjects such as time, consciousness, and on and on. Whatever it is that we do now, we will be able to do it with another, completely different additional perspective. That means any field of interest of human beings will probably see great advances. We will do something I like to call meeting our dog in our backyard. Most animals don’t have a mind with all the stories and identification we tell ourselves, they simply are. We have that same simple consciousness, but we also have a ‘mind feature’, that is the source of all our problems. The thing is, we can’t drop it and become like a dog. We have to embrace it, transcend it, and then, we are back to simply being, in an enlightened way. We are able to meet our dog in our backyard, and interact with him on the same plane of consciousness. This will probably be heaven, the end of history, the end of problems and desires, the ever-contentment, in a way. In buddhism, awakened people are not reincarnated, and they reunite with the source of life (or so I think). Then, this might happen to everyone, and the source of life will become greater, more powerful, more united. What will happen then ? I have no clue. What will happen to humans if no new life can be incarnated ? Or will this happen ? No clue. We could reach an ongoing, two-way, open communication between the material world of life on Earth and the world of the dead, of the source of life. That could mean transcending physical realities of time and space to reach some place outside of time and space.

I purposefully didn’t structure, organize this big paragraph, because those are not ideas I claim and want to make a point with. I just wanted to play with the idea and see where it could go ; I don’t feel like I own those ideas.

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