Meaningful visualizations

Factual information alone is often not computable by our minds. We need other, more intuitive representations of the data to actually be able to handle it. Pure information is very valuable, though : it is the abstraction that allows us to accomplish things on a scale much bigger than ours. It is also the way to communicate that information, because when it is free from interpretations, it is compatible, universal.

But without representations, we have trouble handling it, reasoning with it, and coming up with insights. Each of us visualizes the days of the week in a different fashion. For some, it can be a column, maybe with a highlight on weekend days. For others, it might be a circle. We can all feel the rhythm of music and yet, we all visualize it happening very differently. The list is endless. But when the time comes, the businessman at the right address, on time, and the sax player starts his solo.

The scientist needs some creativity, some intuitive understanding of the phenomenon to formulate an hypothesis at a time where nothing is proven yet. What other concepts can we visualize in odd ways to get them to make more sense ?

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