The wow effect

Almost any activity has its moments of wonder. About anybody can use the wow effect in his daily life. You can :

  • Pull a document from a briefcase
  • Open a cake box
  • Craft a great line of dialogue for someone

We have two jobs ; finding these moments and harnessing them. Finding them is as much about observing as about listening. How do people react to your inputs ? Do they see wonder where you didn’t expect it ? Do they fail to see it when you present it on a silver plate ? Listen, adapt and reiterate.

To harness the wow effect, you better make it change the status quo. Trigger it in the middle of a conversation, changing the whole basis of the discussion. This reveals two things for the other person ; that the whole conversation has changed, and that you did that even before getting here.

When you cast that spell, people see meaning in what you did for them, they have a reason to remember you and what you do, you are no more a service provider : you become someone amazing doing things with fervor.

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