Joker inside

Joker inside is an online personal development game. The rules : ♣ Upon registration, you fill out a questionnaire to determine your player’s profile. ♥ You specify what personal questions you are currently pondering. This starts a new game cycle. ♠ Every few days, you will receive a missive pushing you to explore your personal […]


Synopsis : Thomas, a solitary and materialist electrician, crushed by his relationship going downhill, is looking to protect himself from his own flaws. Caught off balance when his wife brutally puts him in front of his lack of realism, he drags her down with him in an absurd, yet necessary duel. Duration : 35min. Team […]

Live Learn Evolve

I’ve been making videos for Live Learn Evolve on an irregular basis, with the intention to open a door to a new possibility for people who might be open to the experience. I’ve been a follower of the website for a long time, and it’s a privilege to be able to reach people who have […]


I went through a deep questioning phase about minimalism. After having decluttered my apartment, I didn’t feel like my daily life had changed that much. I started looking for documentaries and photos of people living in minimalist places, and it actually turned out that there are very few of such documents online. So, I did […]

Le Portrait

Roles : Assistant director | Production assistant This film is in postproduction and will be released in early 2018. In the beginning of the 20th century, Lazar, a taciturn woodsman, asks the portrait painter Arkadi to immortalize┬áhis child who just died. Hurt since the passing of his wife, Arkadi has to face the design of […]

La Machine

Roles : Producer | Director of photography | Colorist Teaser Withdrawn, Xavier Millau is assembling a wide machine. It occupies every square foot of his living room and every second of his days. Xavier doesn’t know its purpose, doesn’t understand its functioning, he just keeps following the blueprint a stranger called Karl Sfez has sent him. Film Know about […]