The Confident Filmmaker

The Confident Filmmaker

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I wrote The Confident Filmmaker to help you deepen your expertise as a filmmaker. It is not a complete course on filmmaking : you need to have some basics.

The goal of the ebook is to bring you real, specific insights based on my experience as a filmmaker that will help you create better images, work on bigger projects and understand what is going on behind the settings you use everyday.

It also slenderly covers subjects that ask hours of research to be mastered, such as codecs, backups and advanced camera settings. You will get just what you need to know in a few minutes so that you never lack technical knowledge on set.

The Confident Filmmaker is divided in short chapters so that you can access the information you need anytime you want. You will always have at hand the bulletproof systems, tips & tricks and summaries detailed in the ebook.

I wrote the first version of this ebook as a tool to get everyone on the same page when I would work with a new team. The 70-page revised edition contains everything an accomplished filmmaker needs; perfect workflows, advanced information and nerdy findings.

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